An Old Drug Revived

An old drug deemed as the “miracle drug” for weight loss was taken out of circulation a few years ago, but researchers have found that an altered form may be their best bet to reviving the pill.

According to a recent article with details of a recent study, scientists have found a modification to the drug, Rimonabant that may not cause the depression problems that were found in 2008 prior to final approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The drug once touted as the option for overweight smokers to be able to kick their habit while losing weight was sidelined when links to severe depression were found. Now that the drug is being revived, researchers believe this may be the answer to weight loss problems. Studies have showed the results in lab rats, so they are hoping with the changes, the pill can be made available to the general public.

For those individuals who are extremely obese and are desperate to lose weight because of a life or death illness caused by the extra pounds, this pill could provide an option to help them lose the weight they need. However, one cannot maintain a healthy lifestyle without making some drastic changes and those changes can’t necessarily come in the form of a pill.

Weight loss is something that nearly every person is interested in, but a change in lifestyle is a bit more difficult. Side effects for any medication are always possible no matter how many studies are conducted, but an increase in good nutrition and exercise usually always ends positively.